Participants will learn to lead, coach and be an integral part of their work team. Strategic tools for improving team effectiveness are learned and practiced in this hands-on workshop. The way managers supervise and coach their employees will significantly effect their performance and job satisfaction. By working smoothly with one another—while defining roles, objectives, responsibilities and work assignments—Our  Exceptional Management Training seminar increases job satisfaction and allows their team members and subordinates to reach their performance goals.

Exceptional Management Training is a one or two-day highly interactive workshop that teaches the tools to make the most of interactions with subordinates through extensive video taped exercises and classroom learning games. This approach allows both the subordinate and the supervisor to make the most of every interpersonal interaction. Managers learn to discuss problems and challenges with subordinates, to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead and reduce misunderstanding and miscommunication within their work unit.


All 10's. This is a great management training experience. I have been a Manager for over 20 years and I highly recommend this for new leaders as well as experienced ones.  

Bob Pezold
Senior Program Analyst/STM
Washington DC

Outstanding Management Training

  • Bolster Credibility with Investors - Avoid These Phrases in Your Business Plan
    Seasoned investors read right over this kind of hollow puffery in business plans. They're to the point that they expect entrepreneurs and business owners seeking investment monies to say anything and everything in an attempt to impress them.
  • Boss - Secretary Relationships: The New Norms
    The fact is that fewer women are willing to be career secretaries. Many would like to receive management training.
  • Business Knowledge Management
    It is extremely important to continuously improve knowledge processes, by creating an environment through which they can evolve.
  • Management Training" Forget the "Sandwich" Technique
    The "sandwich" technique doesn't work, it lets you off the hook and it's mealy mouthed.
  • Get It Done! Soft Skills not Hard Tools are Required
    The focus of Lean Manufacturing training has been on technical skills such as value stream mapping, 5S, and set-up reduction.
  • Want to Be a More Effective Manager? Learn How to Coach!
    Organizations are functioning differently. You have only to look at the success of Zappos or Google to see that new models are in place. AmEx and MTV are just two of thousands of companies with in-house coaches. Command and control is a thing of the past. Best practices in leadership continue to evolve and change as the workplace becomes increasingly diverse and complex. Work teams, collaboration and cooperation are becoming the norm. Communication is more open. Facilitating learning and development are more and more often essential management skills. One model for leadership that is gaining favor in many workplaces is a coaching approach.