Based on the best-selling book, "The Digital Transformation Playbook" by Professor David Rogers of Columbia University, this two day workshop provides business teams with the education, tools and methods to create an action playbook that evolves talking about digital transformation to actually doing something about it.

Teams will learn to:

  1. Apply a platform business model to either their core business or a new venture.
  2. Identify the five customer network behaviors that will best fit their digital transformation strategy.
  3. Develop a data strategy to drive greater economic value.
  4. Create a compelling business case that will demonstrate the positive strategic and financial impact generated from moving to the cloud.
  5. Embrace the concepts of rapid experimentation that are consistent with the best practices of digital leaders.
  6. Commit to a clearly defined digital transformation plan that will benefit employees, customers and shareholders.

it solves this digital transformation transition problem in three ways:

  1. It provides a powerful framework and set of tools for re-thinking your business model for the digital age.
  2. For companies considering a migration to the cloud, this program creates a clear path for defining the business case that would support a plan to accelerate their digital transformation.
  3. The program's Digital Transformation Maturity Assessment helps senior leaders identify their organization's strengths and weaknesses around best practices associated with digital transformation.