Every one of us has to occasionally deal with unpleasant, rude or even hostile conversations in the workplace. We wish our interactions with everyone else could always be positive, but the reality is otherwise. In our one-day Dealing with Difficult People workshop, we teach participants straightforward strategies and processes to help them understand and work with difficult people and unpleasant conversations. Course participants will learn our strategy of “breakthrough communications.”

We will show you how to get past any adversarial standoff by developing a set of communication tools that can open up dialogue, build trust, and resolve confusion. The class makes use of helpful role-plays and small group activities to give you hands-on practice in using these new skills so you will have the confidence to use them when you return to the workplace. Includes 6 e-learning videos.


  • Understand the benefits of open communication
  • Discover your own communication style and the effect it has on others
  • Adapt messages to accommodate style differences
  • Use the 3Fs model as a model for communication