Exceptional Interviewing Skills Seminar

As the financial health of our organization and the careful screening of potential employees who can and will give their best effort becomes increasingly important, it is imperative that you have prepared your staff to perform the highest quality interviewing of people possible. Participants in the Exceptional Interviewing Skills seminar will learn to implement consistent face-to-face interviews that allow the organization to make the right selection more accurately.

This highly interactive and practice driven seminar has a reputation for delivering everything a supervisor or manager needs to know before they make the final hiring decision. It is a bottom line booster. The workshop features a special step-by-step process where participants will walk through and learn the entire process of planning, recruiting, interviewing and hiring the right person for the right job. All participants are monitored, guided and videotaped through eight (8) practice development exercises. Through reviews of the videotapes by a senior level Baker instructor, each participant has the opportunity to advance their interview skills and techniques.

On-Site Management Training: can be tailored to the needs of client organization and delivered on-site at time and location of client choice.

Participants in the Exceptional Interviewing Skills seminar will learn to:

  • Attract talent through innovative recruitment sources
  • Engage in and handle face-to-face interaction
  • Conduct a goal-directed interview and uncover more in-depth data about the candidate
  • Understand and comply with EEO and legal rules and guidelines
  • Prepare effective and easy interview preparation steps
  • Develop an interviewing strategy and to open and close an interview
  • Implement consistent recruiting, screening and hiring procedures
  • Uncover the areas in which the interviewee needs improvement and has strengths
  • Establish a selection standard for employment

For a more detailed summary of the topics and information covered in the class, please complete this form and we will email you a confidential Annotated Outline that will provide you with an hour by hour description of this training seminar.