This program explores the key areas of team dynamics focusing on those most critical to virtual teams. It helps teams identify their current strengths and blocks and facilitates team cohesion for increased effectiveness. Ultimately with the result of improving the customer experience. It is not a prescriptive approach of detailing specific roles and responsibilities, but allows each team to look at their own situation and build the appropriate skills and alignment to function effectively.

Participants in Virtual Team Building will clarify roles and responsibilities and conduct a sharing and capability audit for the team. Assessing the level of interdependency within the team allows leaders to understand the issues virtual teams face and identify which are most prevalent. At the conclusion of the program, the team will have developed a written communication mandate that supports a newly created team identity.

  • Identify your own behavioral style and be able to flex to other styles
  • Recognize other behavioral styles and accommodate their needs
  • Improve planning and problem-solving strategies
  • Communicate and enhance trust by utilizing teamwork as a strategy
  • Build trust with diverse team members
  • Maintain communication and accountability
  • Improve the team's interpersonal communication skills
  • Execute an action plan to ensure high-performing team behavior