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From the time you unlock the door to the time you turn off the lights, your job is a constant series of putting out fires, solving problems, chasing deadlines and directing your team. Where do you find the management skills to address such a varied list of challenges? We can help you find them all, and a few more you didn’t know you needed yet. Our highly effective leadership training classes take you through adventures in communication, motivation, personality types, team building, planning, interviewing, time management and so much more. Our superb instructors are all successful managers who have the skills and insights to help you develop the management skills you want, and put it all in an action plan you can take back to work with you and use from day one.

We are ready to develop a custom Management Training Seminar for your organization and delivered to your location at your convenience. Contact us for more information.

Seminar: Management Coaching Skills
Location: Arlington, Virginia - September 23, 2004

“I liked the further discussion of topics I had seen previously, behavioral styles and work place harassment more applied and in department and in department discussion. I had the chance to improve my skills. Peggy was great to work with.”

Ed Trumbley
Devry University
Arlington, Virginia 22202

“I liked the discussion plus sharing ideas as peers. Peggy was very good at keeping us on task while allowing us time to discuss.”

Charlie Maner
Dean of IT
Devry University
Arlington, Virginia 22202

“I liked the group activities reinforced the discussions. Peggy was knowledgeable plus professional.”

Sondra K. Patrick
1751 Pinnacle
McLean, Virginia

“I liked the personality evaluation and keys to evaluating others. The event that appealed to me the most was the additional learning for personal growth. Peggy was awesome.”

Kirsten Nicholas
Director of CS
Devry University
2450 Crystal Drive
Arlington, Virginia 22202

“I liked the finding out what type of person I was and how to deal with others. I had an excellent overall experience.”

Tommy Scott
Electronics Science Lab
Devry University
2450 Crystal Drive
Arlington, Virginia 22202

“I liked the behavior styles evaluations. Peggy was an excellent instructor very engaging teacher and very knowledgeable.”

Dwayne Mondrey
Director of Students Services
Devry University
Arlington, Virginia 22202

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