Leadership and Management Training Now in South Dakota

Supervisor & Management Seminars For Getting the Edge You Need

We now offer Management Training, Supervisor Training and Leadership Training on site anywhere across South Dakota, including Sioux Falls and Rapid City.

There is a good possibility that you are feeling so overwhelmed and under the gun these days that you don’t think you can take the time for more management training, even if you could find a class that was really worth it. Well, take our word for this: we have been building better managers for over 25 years – our leadership classes are definitely worth it, and whatever time you invest will pay big dividends in the form of increased productivity and more satisfied employees, and sooner than you think. Our highly interactive, lively and challenging format teaches you practical stuff that you can use immediately, not theories you have to figure out later and apply on your own. Communication skills, conflict management, motivation, planning, team building – if you need it, we have it.

Have you considered a Management Training Seminar that is customized for your needs and delivered at your location at your convenience? Contact us for more information.

At these powerful management training events, Managers and Supervisors will learn how to:

• Improve communication and reduce misunderstandings by employing good communication skills
• Settle disputes, resolve conflict, and handle difficult people
• Utilize effective active listening skills in order to obtain helpful new information
• Be able to facilitate, guide, and close discussions in one-on-one or group settings
• Establish openness and increase trust by providing and accepting helpful feedback
• Implement suggestions by a team member without putting others on the defensive
• Boost productivity for the whole group by practicing effective team-building principles
• Highlight the value of pursuing common goals without undermining the value of individual effort
• Define and set up a method to track staff activities
• Implement proven time management methods to get more done in less time
• Conduct team meetings that capture and hold the audience’s attention
• Interview and hire the right person for the right job
• Understand and comply with proper hiring and managing requirements
• Communicate effectively with both superiors, peers and subordinates
• Become effective coaches for their work team
• Conduct accurate and difficult performance appraisals

The workshop was definitely worthwhile to attend, especially for newer managers"

Tony Gehring
Plant Foreman
Rapid City, South Dakota 

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