Creative Leadership and Management Training for Oregon

Supervisor & Management Seminars Lead to Increased Productivity

We can now present Management Training, Supervisor Training and Leadership Training anywhere across Oregon, including Portland, Eugene, and Salem

It is just a matter of time before you run out of time, or you hit the wall on the budget, or you have to replace a key team member. Sometimes being a manager is the pits, because they expect you to work miracles on a minute’s notice. Our powerful management training classes are geared toward giving people like you the leadership skills and tools you need to beat the reaper, so to speak. Our highly qualified instructors know what you need because they are all successful managers who have walked in your shoes. They understand hiring and firing, conflict resolution, time management, communication principles, team building, motivation and more. The energetic and interactive nature of the class will give you a chance to practice management skills as you learn them, so you can use them.


Can we design a custom Management Training Seminar for your organization, to be offered at your location, at your convenience? Contact us for more information.

Some Management and Supervisor Training Seminar (s) include the following:

  • Crisis Management Training
  • Leadership Training Seminar For Supervisors
  • Pre Supervisor Training Seminar 
  • Basic Training Seminar For Managers
  • How To Hire The Right Employees
  • Coaching Leadership Training
  • Time Management For Hourly Workers
  • Business Management Training Seminar
  • Management Training Basic Skills Seminar
  • Corporate Management Training For Supervisors
  • Management Training Program For 1st Line Supervisors
  • Leadership Training Seminar For Managers
  • Human Resource Management Seminar
  • Stress Management Training
  • Management Training Seminar For Nurses
  • Anger Management Training
  • Effective Meeting Skills Seminar
  • Coaching Management Training
  • Supervisor Coaching Skills Seminar
  • Crisis Media Training For Managers & Supervisors
  • Quality Management Training Seminar
  • Management Training Consultant Seminar
  • Management Training Seminar For Foreman
  • Management Coaching Skills For First Line Supervisors
  • Presentation Skills Training To Build Self Confidence
  • Management Training For First Line Supervisors
  • Management Leadership Training Skills
  • Change Management Training Seminar
  • Management Development Training For Supervisors

On-Site Management Training: is tailored to the needs of the client organization and delivered on-site at a time and location of client choice. 

On site Management Training, Supervisor Training and Leadership Training is available in the following US States and Provinces in Canada:
Alabama   Alaska   Alberta   Arizona   Arkansas   British Columbia   California   Colorado   Connecticut   
Washington, DC
   Delaware   Florida   Georgia   Hawaii   Idaho   Illinois   Indiana   Iowa   Kansas   Kentucky   Louisiana   Maine   Maryland   Massachusetts   Michigan   Minnesota   Mississippi   Missouri   Montana   Nebraska   Nevada   
New Hampshire
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