Leadership and Management Training Opportunities for Ontario

Supervisor & Management Seminars To Prepare You For Anything

On site Management Training, Supervisor Training and Leadership Training is available all around Ontario, including Ottawa, Toronto, Burlington, Guelph, Hamilton, Kingston, Niagara Falls, and Mississauga.    

A manager’s job is never done, especially these days. The pace of the business climate and the pressure to do more with less is stretching most managers to the limit. The management training workshops we offer will provide you with powerful new tools to stay ahead of the curve and get the most from your entire team. Employing a fun and challenging interactive format, these leadership classes take you through a wide variety of important topics such as getting the best from different personality types, effective communication styles, conflict control, team building, time management and more. Our highly qualified instructors have all been successful managers, and the personal coaching you receive from them is worth the price of admission.

We specialize in producing customized Management Training Seminars that can be presented at your location whenever it is most convenient for you. Contact us for more information.

Seminar: Myers-Briggs

“I liked the learning more about introverts and extroverts and how to determine what a person is. Scott was very good.”

Karen Stefanouich
Gym-Con LTD
Barrie, Ontario Canada L3V6H3

“I liked all the class. I was very impressed and I will find it all very useful. Thank You.”

Loyde C. Cordero, Sales
Mando USA, Inc.
Ontario, Canada

Seminar: Management Coaching Skills
Location: Calgary, Alberta - August 17-18, 2004

“Paula was very friendly, open to discussions, accommodating.”

Jennifer Ed, Branch Supervisor
Atco Travel LTD
Ottawa, Ontario K7R5L6

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