Announcing Leadership and Management Training in Minnesota

These Valuable Supervisor & Management Seminars Produce Results

Management Training, Supervisor Training and Leadership Training can now be delivered on site throughout Minnesota, including Bloomington, Duluth, Minneapolis, and Saint Paul.

Getting the job done is what it is all about. But the pressure to perform these days is worse than ever, because there is very little room for error. It is so easy to get burned out and yearn for better tools to get that job done. Our management training classes help you focus your efforts on the leadership skills that really matter. If you are looking for fresh, innovative approaches to working with your people – things like communication skills and understanding the needs of different personality types – or if you need some direction to help you with planning, time management, conflict resolution and team building, we have a management training seminar with your name on it. Once you are back on the job, you will have more energy and better resources to do the job right.

Are you interested in having a personalized Management Training Seminar presented at your location at a time that fits your schedule? Contact us for more information.

Over the course of our seminars, Managers and Supervisors will learn how to:

  • Make use of good communication skills to eliminate confusion and understand what people really mean
  • Manage conflict, tense situations and difficult people
  • Assemble important new information by using active listening techniques
  • Be able to facilitate, guide, and close discussions in one-on-one or group settings
  • Enhance communication by giving and accepting useful feedback
  • Credit and use someone’s idea without causing someone else to become defensive
  • Make use of important team building methods to grow productivity for everyone
  • Highlight the value of working toward common goals without devaluing individual effort
  • Define and set up a method to track staff activities
  • Be able to manage time and work assignments effectively
  • Conduct team meetings that capture and hold the audience’s attention
  • Interview and hire the right person for the right job
  • Understand and comply with proper hiring and managing requirements
  • Communicate effectively with both superiors, peers and subordinates
  • Become effective coaches for their work team
  • Conduct accurate and difficult performance appraisals

On site Management Training, Supervisor Training and Leadership Training is available in the following US States and Provinces in Canada:
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Washington, DC
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