We all live in an environment where the only constant is change. Change of assignments and projects are simply part of day-to-day life. Many times, anger gets in the way of our assignments and ruins interpersonal interactions. The way in which your sales managers supervise and coach their sales team under these conditions will significantly affect performance and job satisfaction. Sales Management Skills is a one (1) day seminar specifically designed to give Sales Managers the tools to make the most of their day-to-day interactions with their sales staff.

Sales Managers will find that these tools will help them and the people around them to make the most of interpersonal interactions. Sales Managers will be able to discuss problems and challenges with their sales team and take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead. Sales Managers will also be able to reduce the potential for misunderstanding and miscommunication. Ultimately, your Sales Managers will be ale to increase their level of job satisfaction and reach goals by working smoothly with others while defining roles, objectives, responsibilities, and assignments.


Excellent program! My goals of learning effective communication and conflict management skills were achieved."

Kristen Furman
Program Analyst
Washington, DC

Management Skills

  • 3 Project Development Methods
    Project development is a top management skill. Developing a project requires selecting among three primary methods for execution. Choosing the right one increases the chances for success. Almost every manager of people will need the skills and techniques that go with planning, executing and managing a project. The manager's ability to set the plan quickly, make good decisions regarding how best to organize the work flow.
  • Can NLP Help Or Harm Your Business?
    By using a number of the tools within each of these, we can find ways to enhance our own management skills in working with others or shift our attitudes within ourselves.
  • Confrontation Can Be Positive
    If you are proactive, and state your case in a matter-of-fact, confident tone, you'll be much more likely to see a better outcome and you'll feel better. Having the courage to face a difficult situation head-on builds your self-esteem.
  • Few Things Are More Destructive Than An Insecure Boss
    Few things are more destructive to a career than a boss who is insecure. Unfortunately, it is a near certainty that most people will encounter one or more such persons along the way.
  • Management Skills: How to Effectively Influence Employees and Increase Productivity
    Motivating employees is not an easy task. Getting people to do what you need them to do can be challenging. Having your subordinates commit to a task is hard especially if they aren't motivated to genuinely believe in your company's goals or fully understand the reason to give more than a hundred percent to a task.
  • Using the Supplier Profitability Ratio to Hold Your Vendors Accountable
    Margin management is not rocket science. Improving gross margin uses simple management skills.
  • Improve Your Communication
    If the employee dwells on one aspect of the self-appraisal you might say: "I can see that these management skills presented you with some real challenges.
  • Positive Discipline - The Hot Stove Rule
    Recent studies have shown that industrial supervisors are working at less than 60 % of their potential. Basic management skills training is guaranteed to change all this and at such little cost.
  • The 8 Most Common Project Management Mistakes
    The following list has itemized some of the most common project management mistakes which people tend to make in driving projects. We were hoping that this list helps to identify some of the common areas where errors and mistakes normally occur. All these mistakes can surely be avoided if each of us pay additional attention to important details. Avoiding these common mistakes inevitably increase the success rate of a project.
  • Management Skills: The Power in Praising People
    One of the ways we build people up is to praise them. There is power in praising people! Something begins to happen in them, in you, and in your relationship when you praise someone. Remember a time when someone told you something about yourself in a praising manner? It was great, wasn't it? You probably liked that person more after they praised you, didn't you?